At today‚Äôs meeting of the Board of Directors, in line with the Directive of the National Bank of Ethiopia it was resolved to appoint Mrs. Meseret Bezabih as Chairperson and Mr. Netsanet Lemessa as V/chairperson of the Board of Directors of Ethiopian-Re.  

 meseret front  Netsanet Lemessa front


(Pictured: Left to Right Mrs. Meseret Bezabih and Mr. Netsanet Lemessa)

Ethio-Re is delighted to announce the appointment of  both figures and very excited that they have accepted the responsibility endowed upon them.Please join us in welcoming the new appointees to the family of Ethio-Re and wishing them every success.

Ethio-Re would like to  also acknowledge the role of the outgoing Board directors and would like to thank all of them for their commitment to support Ethio-Re during the past three years.