Ethiopian RE organized Business Partners Seminar in Collaboration with OMAN RE.The seminar was conducted between 7th to 10th of May, 2019 at Marriott Executive Apartments Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Particiapnts were drawn from seven countries in the subsahara africa region.

The purpose of this training was to learn from practical experiences of participants on the optimization process of a Reinsurance Treaty Program.The objectives of the seminar ,among others, includeed acquainting participants with identification and collection of the information necessary for assessing the performance of an existing Reinsurance program, Identification, collection and analysis of the information necessary for designing an optimal Reinsurance program and application, via online tool, of acquired experience to designing an optimal Reinsurance program.

Ethio-Re as a close partner of the reinsurance and insurance industry has identified gaps in the industry mainly in areas of reinsurance underwriting and organized this workshop to help companies understand the factors influencing underwriting considerations and how they should be approached in the reinsurance context.

During the training, it was also expressed that Ethio- Re will organize successive trainings, experience sharing programs and workshops in the future to develop the underwriting and claims management skill in an attempt to encourage innovation and product development in the insurance industry.