Ethio-Re offers reinsurance for agricultural lines and PVT.

We offer significant capacity for agricultural risks and across a wide variety of Agricultural businesses and PVT risks
We also underwrite agriculture on a treaty or facultative basis.

Ethio-Re also offers other wide range of reinsurance for assets that are exposed to various risks. Please feel free to communicate to us.

Accepting risks obligatorily ceded by various companies in various insurance fields, but often with regard to the same facility, we pay special attention to risk accumulation control. Not infrequently, we must compromise between insurance businesses and partners to provide equal support to all market participants.

Ethio-Re's solutions are designed to give clients with full ranges of liability risks. We provide comprehensive support services when it comes to liability risks.Our portfolio for reinsurance of liablity risks  include a range of services such as prfessional liablities and others. We also offer reinsurance for employer's liability .

Each of the listed types of coverage has its own specific features and consequently requires a different approach when considering risks and developing reinsurance protection.
We consider and quote risks on a facultative basis. We also participate in treaty reinsurance, offer our own quotations on both proportional and non-proportional coverage, and develop special insurance and reinsurance programs. 

At Ethio- Re, we are committed to finding the reinsurance solution that's right for you. We offer a full range of products and highly trained underwriting specialists to every client.Our aim is to give our clients a competitive advantage and reinsurance solutions during the bidding, execution and post-delivery phases of major construction, engineering and infrastructure projects around the world. Ethio- Re requires every risk to be collateralized with counter guarantees tailored to the project’s requirements. Ethio- Re can provide reinsurance solutions for both public and private contracts.

Life & Health Reinsurance

The world of life & health insurance is spinning faster than ever and the Ethiopian Market is mosty untapped. Ethio- Re is ready to help you in every aspect using ways to provide more people with greater security, trans­acting all lines of life, health, and annuity busi­ness. 

Ethio-Re provides Marine and Aviation risks including risks of Ethiopian Airlines.
Under Marine, we offer both non-proportional and proportional treaty reinsurance for marine hull, cargo and marine liability risks. Combining long-term client support with flexible product offerings, our aim is to provide solutions that not only meet our customers’ current needs but which can also support their goals for the future.

Fire and Engineering
We offer products and services for businesses of all sizes. It is important that all types of risks that businesses are exposed to are adequately covered. With our wide range of business insurance solutions, now businesses can focus on their business. Ethio-Re offers core solutions like Fire & Allied Perils Insurance and Engineering Insurance for all businesses.

At Ethio- Re, our goal is to provide the right reinsurance products to meet your business needs. We offer a full range of solutions for all your Auto/Motor exposures and all Accidental coverages, and direct access to the best reinsurance team in the industry. Whatever your reinsurance challenge, we have the right resources to help you achieve your goals.