Share Register

Dear shareholders! Entry in the share register is essential if you wish to exercise your participation rights at general meetings.

Keep your shareholding details up to date!

You may decide to issue shares (increase the total) or purchase shares (decrease the total) in Ethiopian Re. You must notify us in advance, following all applicable laws and directives of the nation within. All changes must be recorded on your company share register and in your next annual return.

Why register?

By entering their name in the register, shareholders can exercise additional rights and simplify the administration of the shares they hold. The advantages of registration include the following:
• the shareholder receives legal participation rights at the AGM;
• transfers of registered shares are recorded;
• shareholder data is actively managed; and
• the invitation to the AGM is sent directly to the shareholder along with the agenda.

Do you have any questions about the share register?
Simply contact us!

City or Suburb: Bole Sub City
State or County: Africa Avenue near to Denbel City Center
Country: Ethiopia
Mobile: +251-965-567834
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Fax: +251-115-57-57-58



Ethiopian Re’s shareholding structure is a concoction of partnerships drawn from public and private sectors. The Company has diverse shareholders, which currently comprise of seven Banks, seventeen insurance companies, eighty individual coming from different walks of life and one trade union. The subscribed share capital of the Company is Birr 1 billion. The Company’s Board comprises of nine members representing individual and institutional shareholders and who possess invaluable experience amassed through working in insurance, reinsurance and other financial institutions. The Board is responsible to manage the affairs of the Company by laying down strategic directions and implementation of same to the expectations of the shareholders and other stakeholders.