Agriculture and Political Violence and Terrorism

Ethio-Reinsurance offers Agriculture and Political Violence and Terrorism (APVT) reinsurance to insurers of all sizes. We understand that the risks associated with APVT can be significant, and we can help you to manage those risks by providing coverage for losses 

  • Ethio-Re offers reinsurance for agricultural lines and PVT.
  • We offer significant capacity for agricultural risks and across a wide variety of Agricultural businesses and PVT risks
    We also underwrite agriculture on a treaty or facultative basis.
  • Ethio-Re also offers other wide range of reinsurance for assets that are exposed to various risks. Please feel free to communicate to us.
  • Accepting risks obligatorily ceded by various companies in various insurance fields, but often with regard to the same facility, we pay special attention to risk accumulation control. Not infrequently, we must compromise between insurance businesses and partners to provide equal support to all market participants.

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