Ethiopian Reinsurance Celebrates ENAD Graduates Through CSR Initiatives

At Ethiopian Reinsurance, we believe in the power of corporate social responsibility (CSR) to make a positive impact on our communities. As part of our CSR initiative ‘ethiore’, we are proud to have supported the Ethiopian National Association of the Deaf (ENAD) in celebrating the graduation of their students.

This is also part of our broader ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) principles and strategy. We are committed to integrating environmental, social and governance factors into our business practices to drive sustainable and responsible growth.

ENAD plays a vital role in empowering the deaf community in Ethiopia through education, advocacy, and social integration. We are honored to have partnered with this remarkable organization to provide resources and assistance that enabled these students to achieve their educational goals.

This celebration is a testament to the determination and resilience of the graduates, as well as the commitment of ENAD and organizations like ours to foster inclusivity and equal opportunities for all. We congratulate the graduates and wish them continued success in their future endeavors.