Ethiopian Re prepares and approves its vision 2027 and five years strategic plan

The Boards of Directors of Ethiopian Re, on Thursday,  2 November 2017, approved the vision 2027 and five years strategic plan of the Company (2017/18-2021/22) in a consultative workshop held a Adulala Resort and SPA. The approval of this document is propitious as it echoes the on-going performance of the Company and sets the strategic direction of the company for the next 1o years.

The approved strategic plan puts forward– a strategic action plan identifying priorities for the Company. The goal of the strategic plan is to guide the future direction of the Company. Led by a strategic planning committee, the process to develop the plan included staff, Board of Directors’ workshops and participatory meetings with Executive team. The plan outlines updated vision and value statements and sets out priority areas for the next five years. The document is designed to complement and work with other corporate plans such as the annual budget and departmental plans. The plan puts forward the Company’s mission and vision.

Accordingly, the Company’s mission and vision reads as follows:


“Provide dependable reinsurance services both locally and internationally through fostering adequate risk capacity and using highly trained professionals and modern ICT. The Company endeavours to foster market stability, high professionalism and advancing the business of insurance paying special attention to discharging its corporate social responsibility in the process”


“To become one of the leading reinsurance companies in Africa by 2027”