Ethio-Re -Zep-Re inked Strategic partnership

A high-level #delegation from the Ethiopian Reinsurance Company (Ethio Re) paid a courtesy call to the ZEP-RE (PTA Reinsurance Company) Managing Director & CEO, Ms. Hope Murera at the head office in Nairobi, Kenya today.

The Ethio Re #team was led by the Chief Executive Officer Mr. Dawit G/Amanuel, accompanied by Mrs. Meseret Tilahun, EO, Operations, and the Executive Officer, Strategy & Business Development, Mr. Fikru Tsegaye.

pta re 2

Messrs. Jephita Gwatipedza, Chief Operating Officer, and Bernard Katambala, Regional Director, Eastern Africa Hub, joined by Ms. Miriam Magala, Company Secretary and Head of Legal & Regulatory Affairs were part of the host delegation that joined ZEP-RE’s CEO at the meeting.

pta re

The discussions centered primarily on the ZEP-Ethio Re business #partnership and ways to establish a mutual #framework governing the #strategic #collaboration between the two entities.