Ethiopian Re organized a Consultative Forum on the implications of cessation of Compulsory Policy Cession

Ethiopian Reinsurance SC has organized consultative forum on the implications of cessation of compulsory policy with all insurers in Ethiopia on April 30, 2018 at Marriott Executive Apartments, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. In an effort to create lasting business relationship with stakeholders,

Ethiopian Re believes in arranging regular discussion platforms with its key stakeholders to facilitate wide consultations and catching up with new developments affecting the insurance industry and beyond. Accordingly, the aim of the consultation forum was to engage stakeholders (insurance companies and the regulator) and to kick start dialogues on key issues and build consensus on the possible courses of action to be adopted to overcome identified challenges.

The forum, it was believed, provided a platform for vibrant and fruitful dialogues between insurance companies, representatives from the regulatory body and others to find solutions for problems facing the industry and also improve business relationships. It can also be considered as the first stride towards creating permanent forums where insurance companies, their association and the regulator will deliberate on issues affecting the industry.
Ethiopian Re has also promised to organize successive workshops and consultative meetings in the future. The creation of such regular forums would bring industry players closer and join arms to design suitable strategy to overcome problems hindering the development of insurance business.