ETHIO-RE: Global Forum on Cyber Security Insurance, Bankers Blanket Policy, and Bancassurance.

The Ethiopian Reinsurance S.C a.k.a. (Ethio-Re) organized a maiden forum in association with Afro-Asian Insurance Services Limited, Lloyd’s Brokers, Authorized & Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, London on Cyber Security Insurance, and Bankers Blanket Policy and Bancassurance as part of its effort to foster the advancement of the insurance industry bearing in mind its untapped potential in Ethiopia.

The forum took place on the 28th of february and 1st of March 2022 at Hyatt Regency Hotel, Addis Ababa Ethiopia. Ethio-Re has organized this global event, as part and parcel of its strategy, to create awareness, and a learning atmosphere, to develop modern Financial Products to cater to the market needs bringing more and more compatibility between Customers and Financial Institutions through education, training, and capacity building, product development, and creating a cross-industry network. Accordingly, the CEOs/Presidents/high officials attended the event and benefit from the event