Ethio -Re-appointed a new CEO.

The Board of Directors are pleased to announce the formal appointment of Mr. Dawit G/Amanuel as the new Chief Executive Officer of Ethio-Re effective June 1, 2021.

Optimized Ato Dawit G Ammanuel 1

Mr. Dawit has a broad and extensive experience within the Ethiopian insurance and reinsurance industry spanning over 30 years. His insights include Accounting and Finance, Reinsurance (designing and negotiating R/I programs, Underwriting, Claims), Human Resource/Administration, and Property Management; and various capabilities, and for overall business delivery in management, executive, and board roles.

Throughout his career he has been working for insurance companies including the state owned Ethiopia Insurance Corporation, Nile Insurance and The United Insurance Company in key managerial posts including CEO positions.

The Board, Management and employees of Ethio-Re are pleased to welcome Mr. Dawit and certainly looking forward to developing the company further with a clear industrial ambition to change the Company and the landscape of the industry.